Easter Sunday

This afternoon we have a baptism at mass and how appropriate that we celebrate baptism on Easter Sunday. We celebrated the initial rites last Sunday when among other things we asked the parent what name they gave their child: needless to say I’ve forgotten the babies name so we might need to repeat that bit.
I’m only kidding of course I remember the baby’s name I wrote it on a piece of paper: now where did I put that paper.
The disciples in the Easter garden have short memories too. The women run from the tomb filled with anxiety and alarm for they cannot find the Lord in the tomb! It’s empty.
The disciples too have such short memories for as they come running to the tomb they are utterly uncomprehending. They fail to understand he is risen just as he had promised he would. He had told them but they failed to remember his words.
It is left to St John, the beloved disciple who going in last to the empty tomb sees and believes.
Where Peter and Mary of Magdela, two of his closet disciple fail to believe it is John who has faith. St John who without seeing the Risen Lord believes only on the strength of faith.
This morning we have such strength of faith…the faith to see beyond the tomb to the new life of Christ. The faith to believe without seeing, faith to understand the full meaning of the empty tomb.
And although on occasion our own memories do fail us and we forget and misremember. The memory of the Church brings us directly back to that first Easter morning when the stone was rolled away and the tomb lay empty. The memory of the Church is as clear as the day, and as fresh as the morning. And on Easter morning the church proclaims her greatest joy, her Easter Proclamation: He who has died, is risen, as he said he would. And He is forever our life and hope.
This morning with fresh memories and firm faith we call this child to the sacred waters of baptism where she will share the new life that Christ won for us in his death and resurrection. In years to come because she is so young she will not remember this day but the memory of the church will never forget this new precious life entrusted to her care. And God can never forget the name of this child for her name is inscribed eternal in the heart of God for he sent his son to save her in his death and resurrection.

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