Fourteenth Sunday B

Home truths are never very palatable.

When you hear the phrase I’m going to tell you some home truths you know you’re in for it!

In the Gospel today Jesus too is face with the unpalatable and uncomfortable truth about his own home.

Returning to his hometown of Nazareth Jesus finds neither welcome nor faith. In response to his teaching in the synagogue there is astonishment the wisdom and disbelief at miraculous works.

For them faith is impossible because they think they know all there is too know about him. He is the Carpenter, Mary’s son they know all his extended family.

The home truth they have for him is that they know who he is; and he can’t that good or special, there can be nothing remarkable about him. He is the village carpenter and that all he is.

But the truth about Jesus surpasses all their understanding and imagination. For the home truth of Jesus isn’t to be found in Nazareth but in heaven. Yet despite the signs and wonders, the miracles and work they refuse to believe. Clinging to the home truth they are convinced they know and about.

And what they have done we can do too; for we can try to domesticated Jesus, pigeonholed him, boxed him with our own ideas, narrow mindedness or prejudices

We try to reduce the divine truth, which surpasses the entire universe, into our own neat and comfortable little home truths.

When we say this is God, and try to refashion him in our own image and likeness; we make an idol for our selves. Not the living God but a parody and caricature of him.

We need to be careful of the God we make for ourselves because the God we will meet in the life to come bear little resemblance to the one we create.

We meet the true and living God in the place he has revealed himself to us. In the sacred scriptures, the teaching of Christ and the church, in the sacraments and the person of Jesus Christ.

The problem is when it comes to faith, some of us think think we know it all that we are infallible like the pope. But when we exchange personal certainty “I’m right” in place of humble faith we leave no room for the search and growth of real faith; that constant search of the face of God. When we think we have arrived and failed to understand that we haven’t begun the pilgrimage of faith the search and thirst for God.

Or perhaps we are too sophisticated for humble faith, too intelligent to believe that God himself did indeed walk the earth in his son Jesus Christ. We doubt Christ’s miracles and his powers. Doubt the ultimate truth of who he really. God made man.

Only faith can bring us to our knees. Only humble and accepting faith can lead us to the truth; not to some home spun truth of our own devising but the ultimate truth that Jesus is true God and true man.

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