St Bride’s Parish in Bothwell village is a warm, vibrant and generous Catholic community of faith. We are blessed with a long history, strong faith, a fine modern church and excellent parochial facilities in St Bride’s Pastoral Centre.

The parish community has strong links with our local Catholic schools; and we work together with St Bride’s primary school to prepare the children for the sacraments and accompany them in their journey of faith. There are many parish groups and organisations, and an outstanding choir and a rich musical tradition. We are greatly privileged and uniquely blessed as a parish to have an enclosed contemplative order of religious attached to St Bride’s Church, the Poor Clares.  The sisters join us for daily mass, and are always a great source of joy and consolation by their presence, prayers and spiritual support

The last few years have seen many new homes built in the village, and the population of the parish burgeon with many young families; who have joined the parish community, and contribute greatly to both parish and school.

As one of the village churches, we have well established fraternal bond with our brothers and sisters in the Church of Scotland. We are truly grateful for such strong and happy ecumenical relations, and much of that gratitude goes to the Rev Jim Gibson, the Parish Minister and his congregation.

Bothwell has a long, eventful and proud history, stretching over many centuries, where the faith has played an essential and defining part. St Bride was patroness of the Douglas’s, the Earls of Bothwell, and has been associated with this village for many centuries.