Please make your presence in the church known when you arrive so that passkeepers know ministers and readers are there. If you cannot make the dates you have been given please let the passkeepers know in advance or contact the following people:

5.30pm Vigil and 10am contact Tommy Hannah: 818502 (Day) or 852845 (Evening)
12noon contact J. Donnelly: 853292
6pm contact M. Corrigan: 853448

Date 5.30 Vigil 10am 12 Noon 6pm
26/04/2014 M. McLaughlin D. Burns J. Donnelly A. Callaghan
C. Gabbot R. Boyle T. Callaghan K. Bryce
04/05/2014 J. McDonald J. MCGuire K. McShane J. Kennedy
S. McDonald M. Reilly M. Cushley C. Jeffreys
11/05/2014 M.M. Docherty J. McLeish T. Balmer K. Bryce
J. Docherty M. Reilly K. Hood M. Small
18/05/2014 A. Hannah M. Carty T. Callaghan J. McDonald
C. Gabbot R. Carty M. McGhee S. McDonald
25/05/2014 M. McLaughlin E. Lunny K. McShane P. McCabe
F. King K. Bryce M. O’Keefe A. Callaghan
01/06/2014 M. McLaughlin M. Tiso C. McFarlane J. Kennedy
A. Hannah M. Bryce D. Scullion C. Jeffreys
08/06/2014 J. McDonald M. Carty T. Balmer K. Bryce
S. McDonald R. Carty M. Cushley P. McCabe
15/06/2014 M.M. Docherty R. Cameron R. O’Keefe A. Callaghan
J. Docherty D. Burns H. O’Donnell M. Small
22/06/2014 C. Gabbott D. Cunningham M. McGhee S. McDonald
M. Douglas J. McGuire K. Hood J. McDonald