This group focuses on offering the ministry of Christ to others. We are called to bring the compassion and love of Christ and also of this parish community of faith to those in any kind of need. Christ has entrusted to our care the poor, needy, vulnerable, lonely, downtrodden and bereaved. As we are called to serve the poor the Pastoral Care Group ask how can we bring the healing, love and care of Christ and His church to our fellow parishioners/wider community.

Suggestions for development

A bereavement group; offer a safe and secure place for people to find room to talk about grief to each other or councillor or listening ear.

Outreach: many elderly people are isolated and alone how do we bring friendship and company to them?

Carers’ Group; many people care for family and spouses often with little support, how can we as a parish help? Offer a forum to discuss the issues they face can be practical and spiritual help or just the chance to meet others who face similar situations.

Addiction; alcohol/drugs/ gambling – can we help/support on the road to recovery?

Sickness/cancer helping people face difficult moments of illness; cancer support group?