St Bride’s Pro-Life Group shows the commitment of the whole Catholic community to the sanctity of life. We are made in the image and likeness of God, and each of us in all and every circumstance of life is infinitely loved by God; from the first moment of conception, when we receive from the hand of our Creator His gift of life, to very last moment of this mortal journey when we return to our Father’s house. Our love of neighbour is the basis for our defense of life, against the culture of death that attacks life at its most vulnerable moments we bring the truth of the Gospel of Life.

Saint Bride’s Pro-Life Cell meets on the last Tuesday of the month. These meetings have a threefold purpose: prayer, learning and caring.

At the begining of each meeting we pray the rosary and the daily prayer of the Innocents, ‘Yes to Life’.

Every Day Prayer of the Innocents

Grant us, O Lord, a new appreciation of the sanctity of human life.Show us how to make our society one in which no child is unwanted, no adult feels abandoned, and the pressures which lead to abortion no longer exist. Grant, Lord that those who aknowledge the sancity of life will be inspired by your Son to lead a life of sancity. Amen

We then discuss Pro-Life issues which have come to our notice since the last meeting. These may be items cut from newspapers or discussions we hear on radio or television.

One of our most important tasks is to provide layettes for babies whose families are in need of help. Over the years we have provided numerous layettes, some at very short notice.

Saint Bride’s parishoners have always been very supportive of our requests to provide a layette for a Christmas baby, remembering that the baby Jesus was in need of help.

Nearly 4,000 babies are killed every week in Britain.               At three weeks from conception a baby’s heart starts beating. So even “early abortions” kill babies.

How you can help

* Refer a pregnant woman in need of help

* Join a Pro-Life Cell

* Offer yourself for training as a counsellor

* Knit (Preferably white items)

* Provide items for our Christmas appeal

* Donate cots, prams etc (Please phone Innocents House first to see if they require the items 01698 262699)

* Pray