The Tuesday Club is a weekly social club based in St. Bride’s Pastoral Centre (adhering generally to school term times) 2-4pm. Anyone from South Lanarkshire who is unemployed or retired is eligible to join.

The Tuesday Club began in 1996, under the guidance of Monsignor Burns, with a handful of hard-working members and now has a healthy membership of more than 40.

The activities offered are varied: visits which are cultural, educational and social :speakers include those who give historical talks, those who impart important relevant information for members and those who speak on behalf of a charity.

Other events are celebrations on special occasions e.g. St. Andrew’s Day, Christmas, Burns Supper and St. Patrick’s Day. We are also very involved in the running of the Christmas Fayre.

We have links with local schools, Community Council, Councillors from all political parties, Bothwell Historical Society and many charities.

The Club is non-profit making and members benefit from reduced transport costs on outings.

Currently, many of our members who previously took part in the more physical side of the Club e.g. moving tables and chairs, working in the kitchen, carrying and operating electrical and technology equipment are no longer able to do so. New members who are able to help in these areas, at the same time enjoying such a varied programme, are encouraged to join, to ensure the continuation of this very important social gathering.

Further information can be obtained by telephoning 01698854073