The Gonzaga Project will be up and running again soon for young

adults who want to come together to explore their faith, spend time

together socially & have opportunities for personal & shared prayer.


The Wednesday Club will be for P7 pupils. Nicky, Gary &

Linda, the Team Leaders, will lead the pupils in fun activity

based around their faith. Start date will follow asap!


Nicky Lynas                                Youth Officer                                      e mail:    tel no: 07826442412




A major concern expressed by the parish council was the pastoral and spiritual care of the youth. However we must remember that many of our young people are in Catholic schools with chaplaincies and RE Departments. Also we have a youth group that play at mass, a children’s liturgy and hope to continue our stay behind after mass where we offer a chance to socialise with refreshments. But our young people should be our focus and first concern since they constitute our future and we hand the faith on to them.

There are major difficulties with what sociologists refer to as a generational crisis much more than a generation gap but a cultural gulf that seems to separate them from the adult world and the church. However young people have the idealism and natural enthusiasm for God, goodness  and truth. How do we allow them to experience a positive encounter with faith/spirituality/expressing care for others?